About Us

An idea to inspire generations, an idea to pave the way in biotechnology, an idea to redefine the terms, and an idea to transform biotechnology through AMRO BIOTECH. A spark that triggered us to offer a better, technologically improved, high quality, and economical range of healthcare products made us establish AMRO BIOTECH.

Looking back at our highly efficient team with decades of experience, we thrive to make healthcare products easily accessible and at a very affordable cost. Our loyalty and hard work in making each lives better will inspire generations ahead. Driven by experience and expertise, our team inspires us to cater to the market, be well-informed, and be prepared for the evolving market with strategic decisions.

We are focused in improving patients result today for better and bright tomorrow. This guides us to constantly find latest ways to treat infections and improve quality of life. Our team focuses on circumvention, and innovation, to improve the quality of life of patients across the country, by giving them easy access to life-saving therapies.


Amro Biotech pvt Limited is built with the purpose and core belief to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing high-quality medicines to patients thus enabling them to lead healthier lives and to maintain its services in a consistent, fair, and professional manner.


AMRO BIOTECH Pvt Ltd is an Indian pharmaceutical company aspires to accomplish a global name in the field of healthcare, by engaging in manufacturing & marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products with differentiated product portfolio. establishing its presence in all major therapies in the domestic market. The company’s mission is to deliver market-focused services with strategic decision making.